שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 2 timmar sedan
John Oliver is such an ally to almost everyone who needlessly suffered
Yaroslav Ivanov
Yaroslav Ivanov 2 timmar sedan
If Republicans are so undeniably evil.... Why not kill them all?
1joshjosh1 2 timmar sedan
Just like most comedian this guy talks and talks and talks and talks and talk but doesn't actually have to do nothing. So therefore he looks smart because he can never screw up. You try leading election or running a country. Of course not because you don't do anything useful there for you can never screw up so people listen to you like you know what you're talkin about funny funny man talk talk talk.
Janelle McCoy
Janelle McCoy 2 timmar sedan
Daniel Storm
Daniel Storm 2 timmar sedan
"And the Democrats know it better than anybody else" - I thought HE knows everything better than anybody else?
Junior Enthusiast
Junior Enthusiast 2 timmar sedan
How many domain names does John own 🤔? or is he the Daddy in GoDaddy 😧
frank bonini
frank bonini 2 timmar sedan
That Miss South Carolina Will NEVER Live That Down ... DAMN You, Internet ... DAMN You to Hell!!!!!
Howard Kerr
Howard Kerr 2 timmar sedan
When a...journalist(?) from OAN asks a question of the president, does SHE (it's ALWAYS a woman) already have his answer as part of her SCRIPT? I mean, she asks a question, then so heavily elaborates on it, there is no longer any need for the president to say anything other than: thank you for that PERFECT question.
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 2 timmar sedan
“How we got here? We’ve got here on purpose” great summary, will suffice
ahmed asmalika
ahmed asmalika 2 timmar sedan
That rodeo thing was messed up.... basically they still doing what the Romans used to do !
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 2 timmar sedan
“How we got here? We’ve got here on purpose” great summary, will suffice
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 2 timmar sedan
“How we got here? We’ve got here on purpose” great summary, will suffice
Joseph Roland
Joseph Roland 2 timmar sedan
Funny how he never calls out CNN or MSNBC for their blatant lies.
MadsterMadness 2 timmar sedan
This is crazy to watch with 2020 in mind. Not much has changed from the little I've seen. Plus, They tell us to wipe down our stations, but currently they're out of cleaning wipes and even when they're stocked, not all stations have them. They have disinfectant spray available, but no paper towels. I hope John revisits this with Corona in mind.
MadsterMadness 2 timmar sedan
Oh, they also tell you that someone had Corona virus and the dates they worked in the facility, but they dont tell you which section. They stress that they doubled their cleaning staff and undergo daily cleanings, but from what I've seen, the cleaning staff rushed through it because they have to clean so much in a short period of time.
Howard Kerr
Howard Kerr 2 timmar sedan
OAN: Our Anus Nuzzlers
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 2 timmar sedan
I don’t want modern Mating Luther King saying “suck my dick and choke on it”, because this, ideally, is going down in history, and I don’t want that to be the quote this year is remembered by
chris pham
chris pham 2 timmar sedan
Ok first question from europe: Why do COMPANIES handle jury summoning????? WTFFF
easy duzit
easy duzit 2 timmar sedan
Ian Manifacier
Ian Manifacier 2 timmar sedan
I'm French and I approve this message.
Juliana Cantu
Juliana Cantu 2 timmar sedan
at least i live in a world where santacons are being cancelled left and right
chris pham
chris pham 2 timmar sedan
You can tell how John gets progressively more angry each week
chris pham
chris pham 2 timmar sedan
I always find it crazy how that woman at 10:39 literally says “don’t let genderless penguins fool you” that’s some heavy paranoia
R69NiX 2 timmar sedan
India has a massive shit/filth problem. A friend of my dads once went to India and said that the whole place is covered with a thin layer/veneer of shit, it was everywhere and it stinks. It permeated everything.
Coco Loco
Coco Loco 3 timmar sedan
The one in accurate thing i can feasibly claim about this piece: As a competetive swimmer, i can say with 100% certainty that *every* competetive swimmer wants a sandwich in the pool.
chris pham
chris pham 3 timmar sedan
Oh dear. No good has come after the words "I get my news from Facebook".
Norah Kehrli
Norah Kehrli 3 timmar sedan
you can always tell with last week tonight that they like what they're doing despite all their legal bs
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall 3 timmar sedan
Perhaps the restrictions applied for covid should be applied for HIV. Probly' get my ass kicked for this comment.
chris pham
chris pham 3 timmar sedan
Yo! New cover will be up at 12pm today- let me know what you think of it and Happy Thanksgiving :)
raysgr raysgr
raysgr raysgr 3 timmar sedan
This is one of the more brilliant, exposive (i made up this word) and funny things I have seen. How religion is bending over the U.S. and the U.S. cant get enough.
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 3 timmar sedan
You ARE history’s greatest Zazu, though!!
Dagorian Stark
Dagorian Stark 3 timmar sedan
State propaganda at its finest. "Mr President, you're approval ratings are the highest they've ever been..." Does that remind you of the media in certain other countries...
Natalia Vlogs
Natalia Vlogs 3 timmar sedan
I filmed myself getting this done - check it out if you want to see what it's REALLY like!
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams 3 timmar sedan
Nothing but pimping in the name of the Lord.
jerome dragun
jerome dragun 3 timmar sedan
There is no longer a republican party. There is now the cult of Trump. We will have to drag them kicking and screaming into the twenty first century.
Eleanor Mason
Eleanor Mason 3 timmar sedan
Funny how he said there was voter fraud when he won- surely if it was that bad he shouldn't have been elected? Now he's playing the same tune in a desperate attempt to stay in the Whitehouse, and away from his crippling debt
Ta Chun
Ta Chun 3 timmar sedan
Xesco Picas
Xesco Picas 3 timmar sedan
As someone who lives only 30 minutes away from Barcelona, I’ll say that the correct pronunciation of the name is actuall closer to how english speakers say it.
Damon Somers
Damon Somers 3 timmar sedan
John Oliver's what Chinese Communist news must be like in China but for Americans...
Bobert Daniels
Bobert Daniels 3 timmar sedan
Except there's no communist government carefully monitoring and overseeing John Oliver xD dummy
James B
James B 3 timmar sedan
Everything is a conspiracy except Russiagate. We get it John.
of nie dan
of nie dan 3 timmar sedan
O God don't watch this on drugs
chris pham
chris pham 3 timmar sedan
In 1914, a group of 28 men led by explorer Ernest Shackleton set sail to make the first land crossing of Antarctica. What befell them would become one of the most harrowing survival stories in human history. Now, a new team of scientists and experts are on the cusp of discovering the icy remains of Shackleton’s lost ship. Could the century-old mystery of its watery resting place finally be solved? Find out tonight at 9/8c on a new episode of History's Greatest Mysteries.
Richard Prest
Richard Prest 3 timmar sedan
you should study the voting regulations in the Constitution, as well as the State Constitution law on voting that have been altered not by the Legislators but by the very people that the Constitution of The United States of America warned us about. enemies from within and from outside to destroy our Republic of one vote one person, and the Electoral Collège elects the next President and not a bunch of Halfwits in the media.
chris pham
chris pham 3 timmar sedan
Fun fact... the "men in tails" pic.. the guy on the right, sitting on the stairs in Boris Johnson, also a future PM
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 3 timmar sedan
So he's saying that president plump is going to do something monumentally stupid that's going to fuck a lot of people over? How is this news?
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk 3 timmar sedan
Bill Barr: this is the greatest offense in civil liberties in American history since slavery Japanese Americans: 🧐
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz 3 timmar sedan
Love uganda yes babyyyy!!
Seni Oyewole
Seni Oyewole 4 timmar sedan
Didn’t... even... FLINCH!!!
MrEmpireBuilder 4 timmar sedan
Communist china runs an apartheid state. There's no denying it. Segregation, Jim Crow... redlining... all that exists there right now. Pure Apartheid.
H Riggs
H Riggs 4 timmar sedan
WTH really you would have to be brain dead if u believed this crap about sewing money that copland come up as another scam why is this idiot not in prison using God for your own gain is a pass to hell
MrEmpireBuilder 4 timmar sedan
yet one more example of a holdover from the Imperial age of China where they like conquering people but they don't like assimilating them into their nation after all. Just like Tibet... just leave them alone! The footprint of Imperial China is long and deep here. It must end. Empires must end.
nguyenthanhtam phamquangnhan
nguyenthanhtam phamquangnhan 4 timmar sedan
okboomer hitler lowtiergod games persona5 galwaygirl annapantsu
MrEmpireBuilder 4 timmar sedan
Imagine how silent Muslim governments about this.... Malaysia... Saudi Arabia... they're not saying anything, are they? Imagine that.
Jin 4 timmar sedan
Still relevant after 5yrs... Gotta love this show!! s/n: in the state of Illinois, you get a bus ride to Chicago, upon release from IDOC Prison (Illinois Department of Correction) -- Most of the state prisons are located within southern Illinois. (The driving distance is, generally, 3+ hours, from Chicago. There are several prisons, for men and women, scattered throughout central and southern Illinois.) The only money you'll get is whatever is remaining on your account, in a form of a check at that. 😑 After that, you're on your own..... 🤷🏻‍♀️ As far as furthering your education....... well ----- the state of Illinois will deny you for ANY certifications, if you have a felony. i.e. massage therapist, mobile notary, etc... You MIGHT have SOME luck, as far as jobs. But it is purely dependent on the company's background check policy. Otherwise, people will usually "advise" to look into obtaining CDL's and drive a semi truck (OTR). Best option for felons, from what I've been told. 🤷🏻‍♀️ There are "felon friendly" employers, but that's still a "hit or miss" out here, ESPECIALLY if you're in one of these suburbs. If so, you better think "outside the box".... Because getting a job is a mere impossibility, as a felon, no matter how much time has surpassed. 💯
justin Edward
justin Edward 4 timmar sedan
I just moved to Saginaw lol
phanthuangan nguyenyuatuan
phanthuangan nguyenyuatuan 4 timmar sedan
ocean daquan otrotrago cloutcobain
D K 4 timmar sedan
Take a moment to think about everything said in this video. Then think about how it's now being reported.. Reminds me of when I called out my ex for cheating and how she reacted.
Albert Ferraro
Albert Ferraro 4 timmar sedan
I am in FULL support of that new national anthem. I put my hand over my heart as it play. USA USA USA!
Jeanine Jeanine
Jeanine Jeanine 4 timmar sedan
"I would love to make fun of that, but unfortunately I have no time for losers". Funniest line ever, lol
Ianuarius 4 timmar sedan
Blowing up a number really worked well the last time. Bill Burr said it well in his podcast. It's not the year's fault. It's the people. That being said, cool visuals. Sort of look like corridor crew's stuff. Couldn't tell if it was real, which is always cool.
Still Bill Hill
Still Bill Hill 4 timmar sedan
Here we are. 3 weeks later, and the Butthurt is still, very, real.
Michael Lepore
Michael Lepore 4 timmar sedan
Who made that god damn glass bowl we are living in??????? Holy shit!
oOzephyrOo 4 timmar sedan
YESSSS finally! I hate these bloodsucking leeches so much! I LOVED this show exposing them they are a PLAGUE in our society
Donovan Shea
Donovan Shea 4 timmar sedan
Weldon Angelos is out now
BUSY B 510
BUSY B 510 5 timmar sedan
This guy lol he got famous for being peewee Herman’s stunt dummy
Cap'n D.G.
Cap'n D.G. 5 timmar sedan
12:30 The owl joke is definitely messing with stoned people
PullandTwist 5 timmar sedan
Reported for being misleading... Google and the rest of big tech, with their fact checkers, have said that elections can’t be fallible. Or is Trump right?
Ishan kanungo
Ishan kanungo 5 timmar sedan
Hey I am from the future. (No Spoilers!) This guy came out of a blank void and blew up 2020 (that is the exact thing that should have been done)
PullandTwist 5 timmar sedan
This video didn’t age well... lol.
Elli P
Elli P 5 timmar sedan
What? No choice in Britain? Bollocks! Brits have plenty of choice. We've got all the choices and all the options. This is how it works: if you don't like the NHS you can sidestep it and pay to go private. Er... that's it. Free choice. Freedom to choose between free NHS treatment, which is adequate if you're poor, or instant medical treatment to an extremely high standard if you're not. I think you'll find that's a choice. Yep. That's a choice for you right there, Bubba-Joe. So what part of "Of course you have a fucking choice," don't Merkins get? Brits can have their kids educated for free in tolerably adequate state schools, or they can send them to excellent fee-paying public schools [they'd be called 'private' in the States] if they can afford it. Free choice. Hey, we use imperial AND metric units here, too. At the same time! Outrageous, isn't it. We please ourselves because we don't give a shit what anybody else does. Oh, and we get to vote in democratic elections, you know, just like real people do. We've had a Parliament since medieval times. And we've got elected MPs and brilliant statesmen and corrupt fuckwits and ooh, all sorts of fun things. Any one of us can become Prime Minister. Any citizen can aspire to hold the most powerful position in the land. Free choice. Oh, and we ARE citizens as well as subjects, with all the same rights, freedoms, obligations and responsibilities as citizens everywhere. (The Sovereign is merely a figurehead, has no more power than any other A-list celebrity, and is essentially a waste of space. But we keep the monarchy because it really annoys Bubba-Joe Freedomburger the Third, y'all.) Gosh, it's quite exhausting, having all this choice. ;-)
d c
d c 5 timmar sedan
d c
d c 5 timmar sedan
d c
d c 5 timmar sedan
Hannu Ala-Olla
Hannu Ala-Olla 5 timmar sedan
What? If a plane goes down killing 500, it's the headline all over the world for weeks. And then again year after and probably 10 years after again. Considering it's a local incident concerning at most those countries who the passengers represented and threatens no additional victims, it's getting massively more coverage than Covid-19.
tranthanhtam tranthaicao
tranthanhtam tranthaicao 5 timmar sedan
rambo bagpipes tamilsongs infinite rtpodcast
R69NiX 5 timmar sedan
When things move in this video everything that moves turns to lines. What's that called and why does it happen?
Ginger Goliath
Ginger Goliath 5 timmar sedan
It's so hard to choose to accept what Mike Pence said regarding police and African Americans when he's the same jackass that signed a state bill in Indiana to protect every day Karens and Kens of their religious freedom (as we all know he is as homophobic as Epstein was to likely have not killed himself).
Majrbek Kotto
Majrbek Kotto 5 timmar sedan
Pretty disappointed John. Still waiting for that eyelashes tutorial week we were promised.
Arie Axel
Arie Axel 5 timmar sedan
If trump took a dump on a desk, not only would people defend him, they would somehow blame Obama
Dennis Tamayo
Dennis Tamayo 5 timmar sedan
Donald Trump will leave The White House next January.
Ken Mann
Ken Mann 5 timmar sedan
Go back to England dude