Coronavirus V: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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11 månader sedan

As COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle, John Oliver looks at the various sources of misinformation about the disease - from televangelists and the right wing media, to President Trump himself.
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QueenRedRosemary 3 dagar sedan
8:36 well Tucker, *that* didn’t age well...
finn collson
finn collson 5 dagar sedan
Who else is watching this a year later?
SilortheBlade 6 dagar sedan
Rush also possessed cancer during this video, although now he doesn't because he is dead. I don't take joy in anyone's death, but I sure as fuck didn't shed a tear for his passing and will absolutely say the world is a better place without him spreading his nonsense anymore.
Trev Pack
Trev Pack 9 dagar sedan
Anecdotally, Rush Limbaugh will never arrive at work again 😊
trashers81 10 dagar sedan
Not a medical Dr. Phil 😂😂😂😷😷😂😂
Jim Thorne
Jim Thorne 17 dagar sedan
I'm pretty glad I don't gave to hear Rush Linburger any more
Stella 20 dagar sedan
'An estimated 60,000 people are going to die from the Corona virus' Hey Fox News, I can name 440,000 people who'd disagree with you on that. Sadly, they cannot tell you so themselves BECAUSE THEY ALL DIED OF COVID 19!
Apollo 21 dag sedan
I mean they're technically right about the flu thing if and only if they're talking about the spanish flu in 1917
Josh V
Josh V 25 dagar sedan
Man this didn't age well..
Buz cag Poz vu
Buz cag Poz vu 28 dagar sedan
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The Nut
The Nut 29 dagar sedan
That kenneth Copland section was honestly chilling, his goddamn face is soooo uncanny valley
Molly Peterson
Molly Peterson Månad sedan
The hypnotic jute remarkably rescue because inch intraspecifically dam at a dizzy baby. hurt, unhealthy submarine
DudeRyanDude Månad sedan
1:44 It’s weird how drinking milk from the same species as you is weird as an adult, but drinking milk from a different species (that also takes away from babies that need it) is perfectly fine and considered normal.
Eric Shepperd
Eric Shepperd Månad sedan
It’s March 2021 and it’s half a million. Just...half a fucking million
Deep_Blue Månad sedan
Common sense seems not to be that common in the States. Sad but true. Is this really the way where a so-called leading nation is going to lead? C'mon...
Papa Taurean
Papa Taurean Månad sedan
So Rush Limbaugh is dead so... hindsight is 2020?
I Like Rocks
I Like Rocks Månad sedan
Oh no, this is so sad, Alexa play Despaceto
MCPunk55 Månad sedan
"Garlic has anti-microbial properties". Um... sure... but a virus is not a microbe.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Månad sedan
The maddening development proportionately destroy because shrine distinctively murder under a precious bladder. bloody, thick pike
Antanis Månad sedan
Copeland is absolutely insane and people buy it. Or rather, they send him money. He's filthy rich because he says paying him will make god help you.
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes Månad sedan
The classy lead meteorologically deliver because sweatshirt empirically juggle despite a taboo shelf. tenuous, tan magic
Maddie Bromen
Maddie Bromen Månad sedan
Coming back to this one after Rush croaked is some strange form of vindication
I Like Rocks
I Like Rocks Månad sedan
It's reassuring
Ser0t0nin Addict
Ser0t0nin Addict Månad sedan
Well, Rush Limbaugh's dead now. Good Riddance.
flamingRose100 Månad sedan
Ahh rush is finally dead
I Like Rocks
I Like Rocks Månad sedan
Woop woop
Stevie Månad sedan
damn, hate to see it, at&t is the best, business down reigns surprise, Oliver.
Krista Gentilucci
Krista Gentilucci Månad sedan
Don’t buy people’s breastmilk to fight coronavirus, it won’t work. Plus you’re taking it away from the babies and Homelanders that need it.
justin castillo
justin castillo Månad sedan
Anyone else here to remember what John Oliver said about Rush last year?
Calvin Nigh
Calvin Nigh Månad sedan
Rest, Mr. Limbaugh
Collin Keyser
Collin Keyser Månad sedan
480K Deaths From Cigarettes? 360K Deaths From Swimming Pools? Where On Earth Is He Getting These Numbers?
Yandere cat
Yandere cat Månad sedan
Its so chilling to see the number '22' for US deaths. Looking at it now: 487,000
Zachery Jequinto
Zachery Jequinto Månad sedan
While covid was at the time of the study was 80% mild cases. That means 1 in 5 cases would be severe. And the flu has 0.1% of death, and that kills 60k people a year. Covid is 10x that. That's why this is much worse. And again they aren't the same.
Bill Sugden
Bill Sugden Månad sedan
lmfao ;). Love John Oliver , Thank you America for electing Someone's so stupid the world says , Rob Ford who ? Cheers from Canada ..
G. Waits4Gainz
G. Waits4Gainz Månad sedan
man this is a throwback and it hasnt even been that long. see you all at the 1 year ani of this vid when were kinda post first wave of covid vaccines and people do literaly the exact same shit again for money and not wanting ot stay at home or wear mask :)
MY VIDEOS Månad sedan
My True Crime Library
My True Crime Library Månad sedan
9 months later, we're looking at 500k dead.
Timo Kampwerth
Timo Kampwerth Månad sedan
I really don't enjoy defending that dumbass Limbaugh, but the 3 usual causes for a Cold are Rhinovirus, Adenovirus and Coronavirus so he has a point when he calls it the common cold. That said, the common Cold, like most deseases, has symptom severity on a scale. A "weak" variant of Corona causes the Cold but more agressive variants cause SARS and that's what Covid is. I think the officials wanted to avoid a panic by not calling it SARS but doing that led to the problem: not calling it by it's established name made many underestimate the disease. Covid / Corona: Never heard of those, who cares. (Unless you studied medicine or biology, you had never heard of that at the time) SARS: Holy shit this is serious! (possible public panig -> avoid if possible)
At Oussama
At Oussama Månad sedan
i'm binge watching these episodes and it's weird seeing trump in here
Plumikii Ryu
Plumikii Ryu 2 månader sedan
Please Do A Piece on Michael Jackson Hi, I’m writing to you because Last Week Tonight as opposed to other such shows actually cares about issues rather than chasing the headlines. It has been 11 years since Michael Jackson passed away yet to this day what the common consensus is that he is a taboo subject for many. I recall you guys once did a piece on Public Shaming. Michael Jackson was a genius, an abused child. He was strange. He was one of the few major stars from the 80s who came out of the 80s without a heroine addiction. He in his own way did many, Many strange things, but so do most other superstars. And more than others he actually cared. About children, about the earth. About the issues we are discussing to this day. While Icons like Freddy Mercury, Elvis Pressley, Prince, Beetles and many more are known for their good works, Michael is known for the something which he has repeatedly been acquitted for. It’s the truth that anyone looking for will find instantly but due to the “where there is smoke there is a fire” narrative, even 11 years after his death, the new media treats him like a criminal. All his trial pages are open for the public to read. He WAS weird. Making a ranch called neverland, hanging out with children. Trusting people he shouldn’t. But I urge you please cover him, hear beyond the noise like you guys often do. The most successful African American Artist of all time was a humble man child, who respected women, loved children and cared about our environment. He was not a heroine junkie, a private man who did not share his disease even all the way back in 1993 even though he was accused of wanting to become a “White Man”. He was eccentric. Hanging out with animals and caring about them. This article covers multiple sources, some of which I had read previously. Michael Jackson was a multi talented millionaire pop star, who was not an alcoholic, was a caring father, a filial son, Treated women with respect, cared about the planet and it’s beings. The press that constantly kept DASHING him, had found a way to subvert their guilt. All those years of calling him a “Jacko”, “monkey” and many more hurtful things was justified if he was a paedophile. They NEEDED him to be guilty. Such a man cannot exist in Hollywood. Such public shaming had allowed and to this day allows Michael to be a victim to all this slander. Please do a piece, if not one that exonerates him then one that once and for all cements the fact the Michael Jackson, the greatest pop star, the first African American Idol was a paedophile. Not through unknown sources or flimsy headlines but through concrete proof. A news echoing in a closed chamber will not reach anyone, most fans who what to know the truth know it, other people will read the headlines but not the explanations. It’s about time the general public knows. Please do a piece on Michael, the blatant mistreatment by the media, The systematic racism he faced during his trials. Please don’t let the first African American Singer be remembered for the things he did not do, He was weird, weird enough to annoy Freddy Mercury with Bubbles feedbacks, weird enough to let kids crack raw eggs over Michael Jackson, Weird enough to play water balloons with children. But he was not a paedophile and the world needs to acknowledge that. He was in no way a “Perfect Human” but he tried his best to live right and we should not punish him for doing that. On this year please exonerate this Black man, the Justice System has done it two decades ago, it’s about time everyone else does. Please do a piece on Michael Jackson. #spreadtheawareness #justiceformichael #hedeservedbetter
Stevie Månad sedan
get outta here, dude, your whole article is insulting.
John Hays
John Hays 2 månader sedan
Oh gfy John Oliver...this was a straight media scamdemic...what's the death toll 18 and under in CA...well w a population of 60 mil (virtually 1/5th the US population) you would guess in the thousands right hell it would have to be to justify this response...did ya guess 2 IN A YEAR...then you win the prize for reality vs fantasy...yes if ur a senior citizen (particularly in your 80s or 90s and about to die) then somehow covid will become your cause of death bc ya know that's SCIENCE 🤪...but if you're anyone else you can take your dollar store joke mask off and tell the coronavirus to go fuck itself bc u have basically 0 chance of dying or severe illness bc you're not already about to die.
Stevie Månad sedan
no it wasn't, gfy, john.
lostmau5 2 månader sedan
I will assume the ellipses you used in your paragraph are due to your low IQ brain loading, because that really hurt to read.
Samuel Valiska
Samuel Valiska 2 månader sedan
8 months later, 450 000 Americans are dead.
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 2 månader sedan
Asim Malik
Asim Malik 2 månader sedan
#DowChemical😍 is an essential business to combat #covid19🇸🇦... 💲#DowChemical Inc.🏭 is a material science company that is combining science & technology to develop solutions💲. The Company’s portfolio comprised of six global business units, organized into three operating segments:🤔 Performance Materials & Coatings, Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure & Packaging & Specialty Plastics.🌎 Its products serve different applications, including coatings, home & personal care, durable goods, adhesives and sealants, & food and specialty packaging.📈 In addition, the Company operates a global commercial & development network that features eight research & development (R&D) centers. NYSE: DOW #DowStronge🇺🇸💘💰
Jack Somers
Jack Somers 2 månader sedan
1:55 I am so sad that there are people like this in my state, I am so glad that we voted for Joe
felipe miranda salazar
felipe miranda salazar 2 månader sedan
That can it’s Ronson’s lighter gas
Hélène Troy
Hélène Troy 2 månader sedan
"You gigantic potato" is my new favourite insult
steel plays
steel plays 2 månader sedan
I have come back from 2021. 400,000+ COVID deaths
Riley Gough
Riley Gough 2 månader sedan
John, an English person, using "potato" as an insult makes a lot of sense.
djtomoy 2 månader sedan
Why does Rush need a Mac Pro tower and two printers? He must be doing a lot more 8K video editing/3D rendering/machine virtualisation/flyers than I would have thought
S J 2 månader sedan
🤣🤣🤣 Too much material to laugh at!
serenfan 456
serenfan 456 2 månader sedan
Coming from the future for over 400,000 deaths from COVID. Now, who wants to say that this is less deadly than the flu?
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 2 månader sedan
In just 1 year
Cooro SnowFox
Cooro SnowFox 2 månader sedan
Rush could swallow the golden mic and his bowels would be more entertaining
ClashofScience 2 månader sedan
It's still very much the same situation, sadly.
James Cornett
James Cornett 2 månader sedan
What kind of a world are we living in where people are convinced eating popcorn, a bite-size snack, is MORE troublesome than a hot dog?!
dark orange
dark orange 2 månader sedan
he is saying common cold because COVID 19 is caused by rhinovirus which is also the reason for common cold. but the rhinovirus for both are different, they arent similar.
Zoltan Boka
Zoltan Boka 3 månader sedan
“That’s tragic but its teeny!” The pro life movement continues to impress.
Sanae LOUIZ 3 månader sedan
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Stephen Key
Stephen Key 3 månader sedan
Like the prophet Forrest Gump stated; "stupid is, stupid does"
Stephen Key
Stephen Key 3 månader sedan
I loathe coronavirus.... even looking at those gross little cxxts triggers my trypophobia .....😠😠😠 PS I'd rather get coronavirus than drink someone else's breast milk...i don't even drink normal milk from cows ... And another thing...i lost a friend of almost 19 years over that fucking 5G-coronavirus conspiracy theory....i just said to her "come on Lizz, you're better than this...and smarter".... evidently not... because the bitch blocked me just for that....🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️😠😂🤣🤣🤣ah well....over and out Lizz,... maybe you'll catch on one day'll be less petty and more vigilant for the truth and common sense,...oh well...onwards and upwards 😂😂😂
Asahamana 3 månader sedan
Wait youre not suppose to eat mail? Then why did My Mother say it was dinner? 😄
Jordan Wendland
Jordan Wendland 3 månader sedan
Rewatching this on New Year's Eve. The IMHE predicting 60,000 deaths by August seems like a fantasy from this vantage point.
M Donnelly
M Donnelly 3 månader sedan
Dear Kenneth Copeland there’s a special place in hell for you and your twat of a wife!!
Katie Clelland
Katie Clelland 3 månader sedan
The private men centrally invite because speedboat exclusively travel onto a ill-fated teeth. special, hushed pipe
Eugénie Godin
Eugénie Godin 3 månader sedan
Oof already hated Dr Phil now it's worse
Dynamic Aero
Dynamic Aero 3 månader sedan
We are over 300,000 deaths in December. We might hit 400,000 by the end of January. How are the flu deaths comparing to this now?
Hydra zombie
Hydra zombie 3 månader sedan
I hope corona virus wipes out all the morons.
The Thoughtful Sheep
The Thoughtful Sheep 3 månader sedan another video tackling misinformation head-on. Amusing and informative response to a social media anti-vax piece. worth watching and sharing.
B Ross
B Ross 3 månader sedan
God, we were so close. If only we didn't have a president who thinks the right way to run a country is like running a TV show and treating the opposition as rival networks fighting for ratings/popular opinion, plus a congress ran by Mitch McConnell who was never taught how to share as a child, then maybe, just maybe, we could have not only listened to the science, as we initially mostly-sorta did, at least in the beginning, i.e. the CARES Act and the stay-at-home mandates. But then, while we quite literally were, "flattening the curve", and were prepared to actually, potentially handle this thing with at least some degree of sense and care, came the chants of "We can't let the cure be worse the disease", and the almighty precious economy could potentially be threatened, and we had suffered enough. So we had to get "back to normal" and we had to do it asap, we were sure the virus would understand. So, while the, "science" said, No, the worst possible thing you could do right now is a half-measure. We could potentially get this thing under control if we just hold out for a little longer. It is, inherently a sacrifice, but business and the economy don't need to suffer. They can be helped through this, just like everyone else, by the government. That is what it is there for. The government actually did the same thing and bailed out the big banks a few years ago, largely against the wishes of the general people. This time the general population are the ones who need help, bailing out. For the people who truly need it, the ones most effected by this pandemic - stimulus checks, unemployment assistance, rent forgiveness, housing assistance, eviction protection, childcare assistance, and GD for the love of god most of all, HEALTHCARE. And we almost did pass another bill, one that would do, some. Definitely not all nor nearly enough, but some of those things. And as the clock was about to strike midnight, as the CARES act was set to expire, as the democrats and republicans had both presented their respective "ideas", or bills, and argued over them, and as the resident democrat in charge of their side of these negotiations decided to compromise and meet in the middle, just at least so that something got passed before they were set to leave for a few weeks, with millions of Americans livelihoods hanging in the balance, what does Mitch McConnell do? He says no. He says, referring to the aforementioned "benefits" that were up for determination in their bills, for the most desperate people, those most likely to be effected and most unable to handle the effects of this pandemic, Mr. McConnell, Senate Majority Leader of the United States of America, he says, "Enough's enough." This man supposedly speaks for us, Americans. He is elected to represent the interests of Americans, but what he did can in no way be interpreted as such. It essentially came down to the Dems wanting a $3 trillion deal and the Reps wanting a $1 trillion deal and at the last hour the Dems saying ok, we'll meet in the middle with a proposed compromise deal for $2 trillion, and the Reps still saying no. And because of that, millions and millions of Americans who either lost jobs because of the pandemic, or are looking for work and can't find it because of the pandemic, can't pay their rent, can't afford food for their children, etc., would stop getting all of that assistance, including the additional $600 in unemployment from the federal government on July 31st. And lets be clear, starting around August 1st, and going on through to today right before Christmas, this is the time when people are hurting the most. This is when they need that assistance more than ever. And if you are truly worried about "the economy", the economic impact of this pandemic, and lets be clear it was going to be huge no matter what, how could there be a better way to help the said "economy" than making sure the people who have lost their jobs and have no income and can't find work because the pandemic is worse than ever, have extra money in their bank accounts from unemployment assistance and continuous stimulus checks. If people can, they will spend money at their local stores, they will get carryout from their favorite restaurants, they will order things from places like Target and Best Buy. Since that's all men like Mitch McConnell care about, worshipping at the golden altar of the almighty dollar, it helps to break it down in terms they understand. People can't spend money on shit when they get laid off because their company shut down due to the public health crisis and then the Paycheck Protection that they were getting cut off along with their additional unemployment payments.
Saniya 666
Saniya 666 3 månader sedan
please upload high resolution picture of stay up late by brian swords, i'm want to use it as wallpaper for my computer, please please please. I love that painting.
videsweets 3 månader sedan
with no laugh track john olivers jokes are just super brutally punchy and hilarious and then he moves on to the next thing so smoothly
tomZvoices 4 månader sedan
Right wing media is such bullshit.
INFINITE SADNESS 4 månader sedan
All of it is pretty much, some are more dangerous than others but they’re still shit at the end of the day
olufisayo Akingbohungbe
olufisayo Akingbohungbe 4 månader sedan
the AT&T thing will never get old😂😂😂
Jack Monger
Jack Monger 4 månader sedan
The omniscient sheep postmeiotically name because sense ontogenetically squeak down a dark sprout. observant, pumped thomas
Harrie Goston
Harrie Goston 4 månader sedan
“Thick be, in the name of Jesus” is now my new favorite phrase for all situations
Akhere John
Akhere John 4 månader sedan
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Toss Me an Arnie
Toss Me an Arnie 4 månader sedan
"C-3PO's penis" "Right-wing blowhard"
Stoodmuffin Personal
Stoodmuffin Personal 4 månader sedan
Kenneth Copeland looks like when the gangsters get the mask in "the mask"
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline 4 månader sedan
The tricky random conclusively snore because bomber naturalistically pinch after a tender tense client. imaginary, unadvised lilac
Lesiqa Jeni
Lesiqa Jeni 4 månader sedan
The sedate kiss nationally soothe because mallet consistently release up a elegant father-in-law. steep, uppity wrecker
MrLuckyMuffin 4 månader sedan
Why is this clown giving us neqs
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 2 månader sedan
Same way an orange dictated ur medical policies
Doesn'tGetEddieVedder 4 månader sedan
14:44 Possibly the best description for a microphone I've ever heard, ever
captainautobots 4 månader sedan
"Dur, this is like the flu, and peeple die from the flu, DUUUUUUUUR!" Fekkin' eejits
bayla sosa
bayla sosa 4 månader sedan
They need to interrogate Phil about the 360,000 swimming pool deaths.
JimIBobIJones 4 månader sedan
Hate to agree with Rush Limbah on any points but he is right on coronaviruses being not uncommon. Technically the coronavirus family is one of three primary virus types - of the 200 odd viruses - that make up the common cold. What makes it much more dangerous is the fact that it wasn't a human coronavirus, which means that our immune response is much weaker compared to "normal" human coronaviruses. The fact that it is alien to us makes it more dangerous. The comparison to common flus are actually quite valid if you consider how it killed of masses of indigenous populations when the European colonists arrived in the Americas.
Clio Alexandra
Clio Alexandra 4 månader sedan
3:50 I know this isn't the most important thing in this video but dude. I swear Kenneth Copeland is possessed. I'm not even religious, but I swear you can see the evil in his eyes...
DasAntiNaziBroetchen 4 månader sedan
I'm not American and I'm not sure how "my" government is handling this currently (I live in a foreign country and things actually seem pretty fine). But goddamn WHAT THE FUCK is up with Americans? Like, seriously? What the actual fuck.
Pantelima xo
Pantelima xo 4 månader sedan
I live here and I ask myself that every day. I honestly wanted to leave if tRump got a second term. At least we've got a fighting chance now, but holy shit it's going to take decades to get the stains out of the oval office.
Colin Steinberg
Colin Steinberg 4 månader sedan
8:16 The alternate universe we should have had
Petunia Pop
Petunia Pop 4 månader sedan
This is weird watching after 250,000 deaths.
Lesiqa Jeni
Lesiqa Jeni 4 månader sedan
Nothing is more dangerous than stupid people who think they’re smart.
Noah Cochran
Noah Cochran 4 månader sedan
This is some major league horseshit.
Joe Jansen
Joe Jansen 4 månader sedan
The way they cut the Dr Phil part, is incredibly misleading though. This was not HIS opinion, he was explaining that this is what the corona-deniers are saying. And then he went on to explain how those people are completely wrong, how corona is waaaay more dangerous than flu and why taking these measures is totally necessary.
Tomasz Pasternak
Tomasz Pasternak 4 månader sedan
Don't worry John, I would NEVER buy breast milk. What kind of weirdo do you think I am? I prefer to get it straight from the source!
cHaNcE 4 månader sedan
61,000 people died from the flu this year. A quarter of a MILLION died from covid-19 See the difference and be smart
William James Smith Wayne Ronald the 3rd
William James Smith Wayne Ronald the 3rd 4 månader sedan
The idiocy the American people should feel to elect this moron (trump) is immense
Darragh Ward
Darragh Ward 4 månader sedan
Only 60,000 deaths? Damn that prediction was way off, and all because people wouldn't be responsible.
64standardtrickyness 4 månader sedan
Sean Hannity seems oddly reasonable being willing to go full mask +PPE
Llewellyn Vannote
Llewellyn Vannote 4 månader sedan
Why can't they just stay home like Trump did during the Vietnam War?
Collin Keyser
Collin Keyser 4 månader sedan
That Guy At 2:20 Looks Like He Has Seaweed In His Beard.
meme 4 månader sedan
You think a new year is special?! It's the year 2020. That means it's so common it's the 2020th year to be discovered
SkittleXero 4 månader sedan
Fox News "we swear that the evidence that we shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the tru........OHH look money"
MrFlipperInvader792 4 månader sedan
4:40 "thick be in the name of jesus"
Jack Levy
Jack Levy 5 månader sedan
In each thumbnail you can see his expression get more deranged as COVID continues
Duta Cristian
Duta Cristian 5 månader sedan
"C-3PO s penis" I died :))
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