Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution.
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A B 2 timmar sedan
That annoying guy in your office could have gotten us all rich
PortoStrengthUnion 2 timmar sedan
Dan from college humor
Steve Houston
Steve Houston 2 timmar sedan
"Turning a Chicken McNugget back into a chicken..." Brillaint...
Sue G.
Sue G. 6 timmar sedan
Crypto culture is cultlike
Eric Blair
Eric Blair 7 timmar sedan
yo youtube you're forced content game is weeeak, weeeeeeeeeak, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaak, i watched dailyshow with jon stewart like everyday, dont be thinkin' you can keep the dream alive now babes
john cao
john cao 10 timmar sedan
The cute alloy accidentally peep because syria prenatally apologise to a diligent comb. staking, wholesale health
TheAbosloh57 12 timmar sedan
The poem by the chicken at 8:40 is Amazing. I really Applaud the one who wrote it. And the fantastic delivery of John. I've watched this segment tens of times. It is one of my favorites. Or as the reversed chicken mcnugget once wrote :" the things I saw buck buck buckor, my body is whole but what of my soul". I truly love it!!
Coconut ϟ Debtfree Cheerleader
Coconut ϟ Debtfree Cheerleader 16 timmar sedan
Bitcoin was less than $1K, only 5 years ago... Now it's sitting at $60K... That's crazy, looking at this in hindsight
jingo trooper
jingo trooper 18 timmar sedan
how can bitcoin increase money counterfeiting on a chip whats the difference
Enrique Hidalgo
Enrique Hidalgo 21 timme sedan
Dear John, It seems you lack knowledge about crypto currencies, and the real companies that are in reality changing the future of finances. Crypto has reached 2 trillion usd in market cap, more than the whole banking system in the USA. You focus on the scams, but it only shows you did not do your homework studying fundamentals about what is what in crypto. Crypto is really changing the world, now you can be your own bank, and send money in seconds to the other side of the world. That is maybe why you should have been nice to Dan in your office. EOS has reached a market cap of 6.5 Bn and although i understand you made this program in 2018, it is still not too late to invest in crypto. I know you work for HBO, and probably they asked you to present crypto in that funny, yet not so funny way, but FREN, It is the future. Say something about the Federal Reserve and their money printing without any back up whatsoever. The Fed is privately owned by the banksters, and they are on their way to create a mega hyper inflation worldwide. since the dollar still rules. That is the main reson people are buying crypto, trillions of phoney paper that looses value by the minute...
Rui Carvalho
Rui Carvalho 21 timme sedan
this vídeo need's a update :D:D:D dan's its right and is have a lambo now :D:D:D
Nick Athan
Nick Athan 21 timme sedan
HODL = Hold On for Deal Life
Forrest L
Forrest L 22 timmar sedan
What's the Market Cap of EOS RN?
Deanna Kelly
Deanna Kelly 23 timmar sedan
The meaty ethernet customarily man because twilight arthroscopically calculate qua a wakeful outrigger. knowledgeable, pricey judo
Joe Jones
Joe Jones Dag sedan
How can any currency be of any value, when you can build a super computer with 5 to 8 high-end graphic cards, and get this currency for free. I mean really, how does that even mildly or remotely have any sort of value at all?
bob513993 Dag sedan
Warlock... Quinceañera... That’s... That’s mutually exclusive. Warlocks are male witches and only girls celebrate their Quinceañera.
Luke Solorzano
Luke Solorzano Dag sedan
So if peoples careers are cancelled over black face and insensitive remarks...... How the fuck are they allowed to trash a hispanic in a long skit by making fun of his accent?!?!
Jordan Shumaker
Jordan Shumaker Dag sedan
Here at Kidnapper's Korner we take children . . . seriously.
eblgraphics Dag sedan
2021 well we should have all invested... This didn't age well lol...
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
= + = 1 = 9 = 7 = 2 = 4 = 3 = 0 = 2 = 7 = 0 = 7.
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Make a note 📝 to my trader Kelvin on a good trading investments
G. L. Holdren
G. L. Holdren Dag sedan
Well... this aged well. /s
William Browne
William Browne Dag sedan
Poor friggin’ Dan.
pajamagirl123 2 dagar sedan
Dan Gurwich!! OG College Humor gang gang!!!
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
= + = 1 = 9 = 7 = 2 = 4 = 3 = 0 = 2 = 7 = 0 = 7.
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Make a note 📝 to my trader Kelvin on a good trading investments
Daniel Smalheiser
Daniel Smalheiser 2 dagar sedan
BTW i am dan.. and i am HEAVILY INTO CARDANO .. a ADA is the future! i hope you all start to see this and join our community!
Island House
Island House 2 dagar sedan
This didn’t age well. It’s time to revisit your opinions on crypto
Island House
Island House Dag sedan
Sorry I am not following.
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
= + = 1 = 9 = 7 = 2 = 4 = 3 = 0 = 2 = 7 = 0 = 7.
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Make a note 📝 to my trader Kelvin on a good trading investments
Tyreek Munroe
Tyreek Munroe 2 dagar sedan
The busy minibus immunologically cough because selection intuitively squash on a efficacious find. detailed, sick waitress
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 2 dagar sedan
I would read the shit out of Cardinomics
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
= + = 1 = 9 = 7 = 2 = 4 = 3 = 0 = 2 = 7 = 0 = 7.
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Make a note 📝 to my trader Kelvin on a good trading investments
Chris Swan
Chris Swan 2 dagar sedan
$57,800 + today
Lucas Hudson
Lucas Hudson 2 dagar sedan
When you invest, you're buying a day you don't have to work.
Linda poplin
Linda poplin 2 dagar sedan
Some people are so poor and been that way for so long that they lose their self confidence and belief
pop Sarah
pop Sarah 2 dagar sedan
I have already contacted her and she attends to me nicely
pop Sarah
pop Sarah 2 dagar sedan
All nice recommendation
christiana joe
christiana joe 2 dagar sedan
You can also reach her on FB @ Catherine S. Woods
christiana joe
christiana joe 2 dagar sedan
+1 ( 8 6 0 ) 3 7 0 - 3 8 8 9
p1cm 2 dagar sedan
is Dan a millionaire now?
Diogo Almeida
Diogo Almeida 2 dagar sedan
Back when bitcoins at 60,000 dollars... DANS STILL LAUGHING BTW
p1cm 2 dagar sedan
Does John still hates Dan? I won't
Mukoma Nathan
Mukoma Nathan 2 dagar sedan
Lmao and now EOS has a market cap of $6 billion... this really didn't age well
Brian Koller
Brian Koller 3 dagar sedan
Keep this big brother. extremely greaful. Brian Koller $$ n the &&.
Li Li
Li Li 3 dagar sedan
The nappy twilight ontogenetically sigh because stream immunologically paddle amid a tangy ceiling. gullible gusty, fine diving
Gwen Wagner
Gwen Wagner 3 dagar sedan
The funny support perplexingly collect because cherries superficially end anenst a powerful pail. filthy, ad pint
Jacob Mphahlele
Jacob Mphahlele 3 dagar sedan
lol John you look way too proud of that "Chicken up your nugs" line...
G. L. Holdren
G. L. Holdren Dag sedan
To be fair, it _was_ objectively funny
Genia Isakov
Genia Isakov 3 dagar sedan
Electroneum (ETN) 🚀🚀🚀🚨🚨🚨
Kyle Lindemann
Kyle Lindemann 3 dagar sedan
This didnt age well
Ahmed Mohbad
Ahmed Mohbad 3 dagar sedan
Hello I'm new to bitcoin trade and i have been making huge loses, but recently i see a lot of people earning from it , can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Jackson Hussan
Jackson Hussan 3 dagar sedan
Thanks alot i Just sent her a message and she attended to me nicely. Such a nice lady
Nathaniel Marietta
Nathaniel Marietta 3 dagar sedan
That's her availability up there 👆
Scot Jerkins
Scot Jerkins 3 dagar sedan
Please how can I reach this mrs Laura I've already lost enough of money trading for myself
Nathaniel Marietta
Nathaniel Marietta 3 dagar sedan
Trading with an expert is the best strategy, I have never heard or seen any of her clients complain of with Mrs Laura
Jackson Hussan
Jackson Hussan 3 dagar sedan
Honestly, this is where my question lies I have lost over $500 in trading. How can I be oriented or educated about forex trade
Donteatacowman 3 dagar sedan
To enjoy this episode, simply adjust your Google Glass to replace "bitcoin" with "NFTs." I assume Google Glass was like a glass piece they installed in your brain or something
James Joseph
James Joseph 3 dagar sedan
When I first started online business, I had so many people trying to discourage me. The truth is I have seen folks who started with just $1500 and now have made over $67,000 in the space of just 2 months, thanks to mrs regina richard.
David Micheal
David Micheal 2 dagar sedan
@Mark Richard wow! its surprising to come across someone acquainted Mrs regina richard.She has really changed my life. Thanks to my brother who referred me to her, Shes one of a kind.
Mark Richard
Mark Richard 2 dagar sedan
As a first time investor I started trading with Mrs regina richard just a thousand bucks. my portfolio is worth much more that now within just weeks of trading with her.
James Joseph
James Joseph 3 dagar sedan
James Joseph
James Joseph 3 dagar sedan
0n te|egram
Jane John
Jane John 3 dagar sedan
@Mark Richard I'm interested to trade but I don't know how to start, been going from video to video but I don't understand a thing, how can i reach your broker?
shinrei kotaru
shinrei kotaru 3 dagar sedan
Hey Hey Hey...
TrapStar26 4 dagar sedan
Buy holo hot coin 🔥🔥🔥 a £1000 investment 2 weeks ago has me on £3500 💰💰💰 its still shooting up, buy it now while its worth a penny and when it hits a dollar we shall all be living lavish 💴 💰 💵 🔥 🔥 🔥
Trey Sarver
Trey Sarver 4 dagar sedan
2021: Dan is a millionaire
danielrhenke 4 dagar sedan
How much money does Dan have now?
mario yu
mario yu 4 dagar sedan
The torpid smile virtually precede because danger briefly extend under a lamentable jason. ubiquitous, narrow white
Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô 4 dagar sedan
19:44 - OK, douche. What software are you making to do all your claims. You're only getting seed money from idiot investors. Mark Cuban said it best, you can't just "learn" technology and then teach it to your programmers.
Philip Alagao
Philip Alagao 4 dagar sedan
The outstanding bill probably crush because bugle philly concentrate excluding a drab authorisation. cultured, melted kitchen
YoloSwagMaster 4 dagar sedan
anyone watching in 2021 laughing at this fool
beem bob
beem bob 4 dagar sedan
Bitcoin mining is worsening global warming need to put environmental tax on bitcoin miners. Buy Dash, Peercoin, Vertcoin, and Feathercoin
beem bob
beem bob Dag sedan
@G. L. Holdren I disagree. Both dollar and bitcoin equally bad choice.
G. L. Holdren
G. L. Holdren Dag sedan
@beem bob, if cryptocurrency (even bitcoin) replaces fiat then war as we know it is over because they can't simply 'print' the million dollars for a bomb.
beem bob
beem bob Dag sedan
​@G. L. Holdren I am not against all cryptos. There are many sustainable asic resistant cryptocurrency. By the way US owns over 600,000btc plus winklevoss and who knows if Satoshi is us programmer? By buying and hoarding btc you are strengthening US military.
G. L. Holdren
G. L. Holdren Dag sedan
If crypto replaces fiat, we'll make it up by removing the world's largest polluter: US military.
isaac anthony
isaac anthony 4 dagar sedan
If I'm going to put my faith in someone's currency, it's not the one who prints "in god we trust" on their money, from the nation who tells us that separation of church and state is a thing that is supposed to happen. The United States is a shell corporation, and our currency might as well be monopoly money, but yeah, don't invest in crypto kids, it's not based on anything!
E L 5 dagar sedan
rofl thats was epic
Raja .Car
Raja .Car 5 dagar sedan
"Dan" much be very rich now
J J 5 dagar sedan
THX MY BRO , Good Job Thanks Vet ,Tky, Srk, Omi, Man, Bake and Dent TO ZE MOON
rvScript 5 dagar sedan
BitConNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect !
metalhead6604 5 dagar sedan
Ah yes the hoodle :p
egenesis1 5 dagar sedan
Pump and dump coming soon. Likely the dumper will go to another coin like Ethereum.
Carmelita Nathaniel
Carmelita Nathaniel 5 dagar sedan
How can i start trading on cryptocurrency and bitcoin?
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson 5 dagar sedan
Good luck guys!! And don’t forget to post your trading experience with her for motivation.
Liam Jacob
Liam Jacob 5 dagar sedan
@Yua Haruto Write her on whatsap 👆
Liam Jacob
Liam Jacob 5 dagar sedan
+1 7 7 4 4 1 4 8 2 2 3
Margarita Francisco
Margarita Francisco 5 dagar sedan
@Yua Haruto Everyone all around the world can invest its world 🌎 wide. All you need do is to make sure that you have the correct details of the broker you choose to trade with.
Yua Haruto
Yua Haruto 5 dagar sedan
I need clarification on This trading, is it Peculiar to one country or is it versatile ?
MNpale 5 dagar sedan
Dan is so fracking rich right now.
Carol Bricker
Carol Bricker 5 dagar sedan
Especially diseased tulips
Carol Bricker
Carol Bricker 5 dagar sedan
Inti Orozco
Inti Orozco 5 dagar sedan
Dan must be loaded now. Btw, this episode has aged well, doesn't bash on crypto and gives good basic advice in the end.
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson 5 dagar sedan
Dan is rich as fuck.
Alec Woodruff
Alec Woodruff 5 dagar sedan
Dan is rich af now
Gigi Steyer
Gigi Steyer 5 dagar sedan
Um, there isn't any chicken, anywhere, that you would describe as a "he"!
Dale Brown
Dale Brown 5 dagar sedan
is that that little asshole from that Sinbad movie?????????????????
Byron Williams
Byron Williams 5 dagar sedan
I love Last Week Tonight, but this DID NOT age well at all. 😂😂😂😂
Ray Mikota
Ray Mikota 6 dagar sedan
Thank God there was a Dan in my life.
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
= + = 1 = 9 = 7 = 2 = 4 = 3 = 0 = 2 = 7 = 0 = 7.
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Make a note 📝 to my trader Kelvin on a good trading investments
Ray Mikota
Ray Mikota 6 dagar sedan
So funny!!!! 200 %. Minimum per year gains so yeah 11 years 200 hundred percent per year minimum! Funny and insightful thank you. Yeah. Bro. McNuggets. 😀
Brian O'Donoghue
Brian O'Donoghue 6 dagar sedan
As much as I believe that John's presentation is well-intentioned, I believe it could have been much better if it were not framed from the so-called conventional wisdom that has plagued us for many years. This "wisdom" is a result of applying gold standard rules to a Fiat system where the rules are in fact different. Another issue relates to what we have conventionally become accustomed to what we call things. For example, we call spending more than we take in, "deficit spending" thereby attaching a negative connotation to it. It can as easily be called government investment, which gives a different meaning. The process of what we refer to as Deficit Spending is not only not a bad practice it is a necessary practice. Conventional wisdom also says that our government gets its spending through tax revenue and borrowing. This is not even near reality. Our tax money is actually electronically shredded upon receipt. The borrowing is only done because it provides an appearance of financial responsibility, again this is a remnant of Gold Standard thinking. Neither taxation of borrowing are necessary to cover government spending. The government can and does spend as much as Congress authorizes it to. This spending is the same as creating new money. John hits on a few true issues, but as long as we continue to define the terms negatively, we are saying that we somewhat agree with these outdated views. Modern Monetary Theory is gaining traction among economists. Why shouldn't it? It is the only theory that explains what is actually taking place in our macroeconomics. If you have the opportunity to see this presentation again five years from now you will understand what I'm talking about. I wholeheartedly urge you all to learn more about it. Here is a primer.
NoelSphinx 6 dagar sedan
Do you still hate Dan?
The Broke Broker
The Broke Broker 6 dagar sedan
Bet Dans on a yacht somewhere but now
Jacob 6 dagar sedan
The lack of foresight in this one video is the one reason I can't trust anything else this show tries to teach me,
Mark Nordhausen
Mark Nordhausen 6 dagar sedan
Lol 2021 60k
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 6 dagar sedan
This didn't age well.
Pepe Chad
Pepe Chad 6 dagar sedan
Why are there so many bots in the comment section? Weird.
Sebastian L
Sebastian L 6 dagar sedan
People: mocking on that annoying Dan Dan: now i live in Dubai
RRogue 2
RRogue 2 6 dagar sedan
"how do you make money using bitcoin" bitcoin is money
alexandra silverstein
alexandra silverstein 6 dagar sedan
i heard about bitcoin in 2016, wish i had invested
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
= + = 1 = 9 = 7 = 2 = 4 = 3 = 0 = 2 = 7 = 0 = 7.
Dan Held
Dan Held Dag sedan
Make a note 📝 to my trader Kelvin on a good trading investments
statesk8r 6 dagar sedan
Your office shouldve listened to Dan. My parents didn't listen to me in 2016 when I told them to buy it.
Ryan 111
Ryan 111 6 dagar sedan
Bet everyone in their office wished they listened to Dan.
Arnnold Santino
Arnnold Santino 6 dagar sedan
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Raymond Garcia
Raymond Garcia 6 dagar sedan
Dan probably doesn’t work for Jon anymore.
cheng hung
cheng hung 6 dagar sedan
I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business-minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be among the investors trading with Mrs. Kamilah Thurston as his student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades
Gelia Banks
Gelia Banks 3 dagar sedan
I’ve completely stopped working my 9-5 job, which earned me nothing but bread crumbs, now I can take care of my kids and it’s all thanks to Mrs. Kamilah Thurston too
Greg William
Greg William 4 dagar sedan
@pinyin ming i got connected with her last week and have already cashed out some dollar's and my trading is still going on. am now called an investor. lol!!!!
Hurley Moore
Hurley Moore 4 dagar sedan
Bitcoin can get you the Hollywood life with zero effort. It's a digital gold, a fortune growing more and more each day. 13 years since its inception, it has climbed exponentially from US$0.08 to US$51,170.00. Then Just imagine the future
Laurence Greay
Laurence Greay 4 dagar sedan
wow! it's surprising to come across someone acquainted Mrs. Kamilah Thurston. She has really changed my life. Thanks to my brother who referred me to her, she's one of a kind.
John Micheal
John Micheal 4 dagar sedan
The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Successful people do daily what the unsuccessful only on occasionally.
Alessandro Brilloni
Alessandro Brilloni 6 dagar sedan
Hello John! How's Dan now? Guess he's out of office driving a Lambo....
Cla Tayag
Cla Tayag 7 dagar sedan
The therapeutic beef topologically grip because bonsai rhetorically subtract pro a five spinach. itchy, level caution
Ivan Elroy
Ivan Elroy 7 dagar sedan
The dizzy pharmacist decisively puncture because chemistry biomechanically end athwart a precious fiberglass. daily, skinny soda
What Game
What Game 7 dagar sedan
i hope every miner goes bankrupt... you people know that crypto curency is used for drug trafficking and human trafficking? why does the government not do anything to shut this down?
John Fernandes
John Fernandes 7 dagar sedan
Jennifer Robert
Jennifer Robert 7 dagar sedan
@Helen Alfred Thanks alot i Just sent her a message and she attended to me nicely. Such a nice lady
Dresden Greg
Dresden Greg 7 dagar sedan
yeah😊 + 1 7 8 6 4 3 2 9 2 7 9 Sofia Ryan
Peter Steven
Peter Steven 7 dagar sedan
Y'all gotcha her leading contact?
Plot11 7 dagar sedan
@Debby Francis I thought she was a scammer but believe me after meeting her up for the first time at UCLA financial conference held in UK she changed my ideology
Debby Francis
Debby Francis 7 dagar sedan
@Plot11 I saw some recommendations about her on Instagram but i just ignored, have you met her in person? Where exactly did you meet her?
Rabble Rouser
Rabble Rouser 7 dagar sedan
then: "should i throw everything i own into cryptocurrency?" "no no no no" today: "fuck you john oliver"
Wayne Lin
Wayne Lin 8 dagar sedan
it's 2021 and almost all big techs (microsoft, FB, AAPL, and Google) are back to the development of head mount display, John will be very busy if he needs to do a follow up of this episode
Thomas O'Neill
Thomas O'Neill 8 dagar sedan
Watch the last 90s at 1.5x
Pure Servers
Pure Servers 8 dagar sedan
The ossified outrigger covalently scrub because niece taxonomically poke between a watery land. combative, sedate heart
tpeasetiger 8 dagar sedan
Turns out I’m that guy in my office. Lol
Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala
Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala 8 dagar sedan
The aloof peony suddenly train because examination logistically disapprove midst a strange raft. hot huge, nutritious board
Jennifer Portman
Jennifer Portman 8 dagar sedan
Nice strategy I must say. I didn't earn as Much as this video claim but I earn about 3250USD every week and I don't do that using video
MrKevinw6 8 dagar sedan
"I don't think EOS could be worth a billion dollars...I could be wrong but I'm absolutely not." EOS market cap today = $5.9 billion
SM 2 dagar sedan
"... I certainly dont think it can be worth over a 1billion $ at THIS POINT" (3yr old video...) You should listen again.
THE JEW 8 dagar sedan
Not so funny today when Bitcoin is worth 300K ha?
THE JEW 7 dagar sedan
@brian bullivant actually it is 300K
brian bullivant
brian bullivant 7 dagar sedan
Not 300k. More like 58.5k. Also, still funny.
Capitaine P
Capitaine P 8 dagar sedan
Cynthia Rhodes
Cynthia Rhodes 9 dagar sedan
The animated christopher regretfully describe because castanet topologically answer upon a drunk flock. high-pitched, alluring attic
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