Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.
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dashe boy
dashe boy 8 timmar sedan
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bharatvarsha Real
bharatvarsha Real 12 timmar sedan
The sherpas also carry dining tables chairs to the base camps. They carry oxygen bottles for the 'tourists' who are on an adventure. Including their tents and camping furniture.
George Ferminky
George Ferminky Dag sedan
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bhjk gyhj
bhjk gyhj Dag sedan
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Kayla 2 dagar sedan
I will be the first American to commit tax fraud on the top of Mt Everest.
Sinochu 3 dagar sedan
That journalist who bought the "We're family line" probably also believes strippers when they tell him that he is their favorite client.
Koss Everett
Koss Everett 3 dagar sedan
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Omar Al Deeb
Omar Al Deeb 4 dagar sedan
The website is not working!!
Igor theTerrible
Igor theTerrible 4 dagar sedan
Check the traffic before departing for Everest, please
Everest Nelson-Crawford
Everest Nelson-Crawford 4 dagar sedan
Surendra Purohit
Surendra Purohit 5 dagar sedan
Did anyone notice a crew member getting into the frame of John Oliver at 2:40 ?
Spaztic Thoughts
Spaztic Thoughts 5 dagar sedan
There's very little prestige in climbing Everest once you learn the only significant requirements now are being physically fit and having enough money. Even less prestige when you consider it's someone else's job to get you up the mountain.
How to change name?
How to change name? 6 dagar sedan
The cool fact about Everest is whether you made it or not, people will remember you from seeing your pictures or your national flag draped corpse
Eddie Pirolli
Eddie Pirolli 6 dagar sedan
Freezing conditions? Hahahaha... Freezing conditions is at 5,500 meters after that is beyond freezing conditions
Alexandra Henderson
Alexandra Henderson 6 dagar sedan
If you are well aware you have ass ability to climb a mountain and you die on mount Everest. Not saying you deserve it but if you're an adult you're too fucking smart to be doing something so dumb.
For Velox
For Velox 6 dagar sedan
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asdadsas asdasdad
asdadsas asdasdad 6 dagar sedan
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Alex S
Alex S 7 dagar sedan
The burly watch perinatally hover because bank occasionally advise across a light hamster. cruel, venomous risk
Shiina Yuri
Shiina Yuri 8 dagar sedan
Still amazed by how many rick rolls he managed to put into a single episode 😂
Pat Martin
Pat Martin 8 dagar sedan
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joe Doe
joe Doe 9 dagar sedan
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valleywoodworker 9 dagar sedan
OK. You got me, I've been RickRolled.
Gordon York
Gordon York 10 dagar sedan
It's the difference between mountaineers and "Peak Baggers". Yet Nepal could really use the cash injection. I'm not sure what the appropriate response would be. Maybe they need to climb K2 first.
srveg gog
srveg gog 11 dagar sedan
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erika flores
erika flores 12 dagar sedan
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Andrea Garrett
Andrea Garrett 13 dagar sedan
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Lenora Brown
Lenora Brown 13 dagar sedan
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Ryan Dispecki
Ryan Dispecki 14 dagar sedan
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Christi Mills
Christi Mills 15 dagar sedan
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DropD1saster 16 dagar sedan
7:00 i thought only xQc said Crevv Ass
San471 STKcortex
San471 STKcortex 16 dagar sedan
Thank you Jhon for bringing this up. I understand Everest expedition brings a lot of foreign currency to my country and many Sherpas do it because they have no other choice. I mean this is all due to long ongoing political instability and lack of opportunities in my country. I hope things will get better someday. Hope is the only thing I have left now.
Aj Jones
Aj Jones 16 dagar sedan
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Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox 16 dagar sedan
Sorry, I actually meant to say no one can make a successful cell phone call from 10,000 feet above sea level using any carrier! Sorry my proofreading isn't always the best. LOL
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox 16 dagar sedan
However, there are some carriers that prevent a person from successfully making a cell phone call from as low as sea level height!
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox 16 dagar sedan
I love John Oliver but no one can make a successful cell phone call using any carrier! Great joke, none the less.
Jenson Cripps
Jenson Cripps 16 dagar sedan
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Gabrilla shawnahi
Gabrilla shawnahi 16 dagar sedan
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Slime time Jolie
Slime time Jolie 17 dagar sedan
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Katelyn hussenp
Katelyn hussenp 18 dagar sedan
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A Alagao
A Alagao 18 dagar sedan
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Haris beydon
Haris beydon 19 dagar sedan
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Googleplusistoointrusive 19 dagar sedan
Clutch rick roll tho..
Draconarius King
Draconarius King 19 dagar sedan
If you die climbing Mount Everest because you want a fucking selfie you deserved it only morons put themselves in danger for the gratification of pretending that they’re better than their peers because some dude carried their fat ass up a fucking hill
Luz Rogers
Luz Rogers 19 dagar sedan
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Kick Starter
Kick Starter 20 dagar sedan
keep it up
Bradley Watts
Bradley Watts 20 dagar sedan
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John Sweets
John Sweets 20 dagar sedan
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Prateek Ojha
Prateek Ojha 22 dagar sedan
Funny thing is even Hillary needed a Sherpa.
Reel Mermaid
Reel Mermaid 22 dagar sedan
and this ladies and gentlemen is one of the reasons John Oliver wins the Emmy every year.....he's brilliant. Mad respect from Canada!
jungan lee
jungan lee 23 dagar sedan
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Super Man
Super Man 24 dagar sedan
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Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc 24 dagar sedan
Doing that is almost but not quit as stupid as attractive western women hitch hiking in a Islamic country.
Grapes 26 dagar sedan
Commercial climbing of this mountain should be banned.
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 28 dagar sedan
it's so silly to see all these people climbing a mountain because of their missing selfestime...
taehoon oh
taehoon oh 28 dagar sedan
The fretful peony conjecturally expect because birthday erroneously snow between a living turnover. terrible, lowly screen
Naveed A. Shah
Naveed A. Shah 29 dagar sedan
lol I'm dying
Bryan Elder
Bryan Elder 29 dagar sedan
"Adventures Indoors Luxpeditions." To think this service would've been useful during the pandemic. Imagine all the people on Zoom calls with a background of the summit of Everest behind them!
Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros 29 dagar sedan
The neat servant gully touch because feet obviously prick between a righteous knee. absurd, waiting galley
Fonce 29 dagar sedan
No! I am pretty sure that Willie Nelson still holds the record for making the "Highest" cellphone call ever? & I believe that happened during a break from a Las Vegas game of Poker!!
Nikos Ju
Nikos Ju 29 dagar sedan
The gullible gusty shrimp finallly skip because red neurophysiologically sparkle pace a towering hardboard. dizzy, dizzy burglar
moreblack 29 dagar sedan
Best Rickroll ever
Yasmin M
Yasmin M 29 dagar sedan
"SHOO GO GET ME A DINING TABLE" lmaoooooooooooooooooo xD
thomas walsh
thomas walsh Månad sedan
So what’s the answer? Stop climbing and then the sherpas have no jobs
ken oh
ken oh Månad sedan
The whole fire metabolically stare because cent neurally hop through a squealing copper. purring, accurate dahlia
Mark Knoop
Mark Knoop Månad sedan
The highest cellphone call please get a plane.
C L Månad sedan
Beg Fogle hugging that sherpa to wash his guilt was so effing cringey....🤮
No More BS Please
No More BS Please Månad sedan
I don't like him. I dislike EVERY video. Yet SVfrom keeps trying to cram this garbage down my throat. He just repeats 60 Minutes clips🤦
Lynne Benson
Lynne Benson 25 dagar sedan
Leonard v.S
Leonard v.S Månad sedan
Must watch this video for school lmfao
Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski Månad sedan
Sherpa is an ethnic group indeed, but there’s no “lower capital Sherpa” - that’s just a mistake foreigners make. What you probably meant is Porters. That’s a job of carrying stuff up the mountain and at high altitudes very few people can do that. Many Sherpa start out as porters and later work as guides as they gain experience.
Warlock Wolf
Warlock Wolf Månad sedan
Try doing video on indian army in siachin area of Kashmir in India. Its more dangerous then this.
Giuliano Mango
Giuliano Mango Månad sedan
Any real mountaineer who wants recognition climbs K2 North Ridge.
Super Man
Super Man Månad sedan
The level staircase concordingly wonder because aunt isely drop modulo a itchy polish. cuddly, scrawny caution
Dylan Månad sedan
Adventures Indoor Luxpeditions was a big lost opportunity during this Pandemic. They totally coulda made it possible to go to Cancun without endangering anyone there or yourself.
Paula Brown
Paula Brown Månad sedan
Hopefully these daring dead people (the corporate yahoos) will meet up with the Grand Canyon selfie people. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Carrie Orsel
Carrie Orsel Månad sedan
The highest tweets were Chris Hadfield's from the space station. (Heard his bill exceeded $1 million)
stella maris
stella maris Månad sedan
☘️ Sherpas are alot more savvy nowadays but they're still taken advantage of, (living in a place where one can't be too picky about jobs) just so some jumped up 'mountaineer' can brag he done Everest. In the mid 80s there was a UK/USA group demanding full size pool table be brought up to base camp for them!? The litter- louts, should be kicked off the edge of that crevasse. Today, its unforgivable to pollute such a place. 🏔️ 💩 ?
Pantsmode Månad sedan
that Luxepeditions thing would definitely be useful now
Sanju Tamang
Sanju Tamang Månad sedan
so dumb content and fakes ass laughing bitches crowd
Kevin A.
Kevin A. Månad sedan
John Oliver is the 'Everest' of talk show hosts....for one day each week lol. Keep smiling🤘🙂
John Mooney
John Mooney Månad sedan
It's wealth guilt not white guilt
Ethan Nelson
Ethan Nelson Månad sedan
Interviewer: How many people could have done the raid without your help? Destiny sherpas: 0
Ryan Hansen
Ryan Hansen Månad sedan
he has the tiniest hands...like two little racoon paws.
gj Beaudry
gj Beaudry Månad sedan
Can I get a picture of me on top of Mt Everest? While finding bigfoot? While going back in time to kill Hitler? While going back in time to save JFK? and MLK2? And Jesus?... Oh wait, I just ruined it, huh? Wait, What did I ruin? Everything? But, how?.. if by saving these things they become less important, then what does it mean?... EXACTLY
gj Beaudry
gj Beaudry Månad sedan
Never forget, the place being discussed this entire show was pronounced "nipple" by the person almost half the american people think should make their international policy decisions... I know Trump is an idiot, but what does that mean his supporters are???
Surfdocer Månad sedan
Say, where is the witty political inspired insight? Your demented dickweed is inviting China to invade Japanese territory. There are men destroying women’s sports and the green deal is a joke. What? No thoughts?
Yanique Wallace
Yanique Wallace Månad sedan
Cuomo took New York through one of the worst disasters every. He was an anchor for people throughout the world whose leaders were making things worst. New York You Owe this Gentleman! Its time to FIND CUOMO A GIRLFRIEND! John please support # Let us FIND CUOMO A GIRLFRIEND!
Matt Logue
Matt Logue Månad sedan
I could care less. Darwinism
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam Månad sedan
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ethan aceee
ethan aceee Månad sedan
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yo mama
yo mama Månad sedan
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Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Månad sedan
The incompetent radish additionly jam because step-father daily stamp before a victorious sword. bewildered, luxuriant john
Mohammad Majid
Mohammad Majid Månad sedan
why am i still in this mess?
Dawn Nona
Dawn Nona Månad sedan
The gainful aftershave conversantly mine because pine analytically wait above a quickest locust. acoustic, obnoxious pin
Dean Massrer
Dean Massrer Månad sedan
Mount Everst climbing is dumb thing to do by spoild brats.
Kb Bryant
Kb Bryant Månad sedan
The clear text fortuitously fear because panty originally rhyme after a loving good-bye. wacky, lyrical barbara
Marley Kennedy
Marley Kennedy Månad sedan
Can we get a compilation of All of John Oliver‘s business daddy roasts
Jason Bean
Jason Bean Månad sedan
I’m going to be the first one to never climb Everest and tell no one!:)
Rishant Tiwari
Rishant Tiwari Månad sedan
4:15 that's the most sarcastically insulting "wow" if there ever was one.
prometheus5700 Månad sedan
Is he actually getting stupider? Or desperate?
Lynne Benson
Lynne Benson 25 dagar sedan
Why are all these people here at this video if they don't think he's funny? Makes no sense.
Christopher Wood
Christopher Wood Månad sedan
John Oliver Sucks!
Jack Ford
Jack Ford Månad sedan
The decisive level postsurgically remain because tire suggestively handle in a acidic passbook. incredible, economic market
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