Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver explains how raids became a favorite tool of police, how few guardrails there are on their use, and what we should do about that.
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Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton 2 timmar sedan
Who’s ready for raids to enforce red flag laws, hopefully they have home security cameras to rewatch those shoot outs!
Patrick Ivan
Patrick Ivan 2 timmar sedan
Nothing will change. America and America Light (Canada, the America wannabe), just doesn't care. The lobbyists are too powerful, and half of the population doesn't care, because they're not the target of these raids. Not to say we shouldn't keep getting the message out there. I'm just saying that the power balance is weighted too heavily in the favour of the few who want stuff like this.
Ivan the Vegan
Ivan the Vegan 4 timmar sedan
I hope all these raid cops go to hell
Matt Styles
Matt Styles 7 timmar sedan
The cops looked like children. " what house???" Makes me cry
Loran V
Loran V 8 timmar sedan
Rahnzan 9 timmar sedan
It's bugging the hell out of me but I'm getting Phil Collins vibes from that baby merchant. It's horribly catchy.
STAYHIGH993 10 timmar sedan
Blm is just black k3
oldtowndude 16 timmar sedan
Abolish qualified immunity.
r@munya 17 timmar sedan
This is so fucked up 🤬
Reilly-K 19 timmar sedan
For all the militant-minded civilians hoarding guns thinking they're protecting themselves from potential unjust government military action, they sure are blissfully unaware of the fact that it's already happening... except it's against people who can't afford guns in the first place, thus rendering the right to bear arms completely pointless. Maybe gun advocates should pay attention to the "organized militia" part of the second amendment, so we can start actually protecting each other from incompetent, over-equipped, sadistic police?
Argumemnon 22 timmar sedan
I don't understand the war on drugs. We disapprove of what people put in their bodies so much that we're willing to kill innocents in the process.
JuICyBLiinGeR 23 timmar sedan
And you see why people want to defund these walking immune Nuke weapons.
Uncle Trash
Uncle Trash Dag sedan
The best thing about Cop Rock is that the theme song was written and performed by Randy Newman. Do what you will with that information.
This is what europeans think of, when they hear the word "America". :P
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
***************** I'm a heavily Pro-Union person but Police Unions need to be stripped of their power. Signing up to protect yourself from having your pension stripped at a Steel Mill is FAARRRRRR different from having your ass covered if you burn a baby with a Flash Grenade. Mr. Officer... You signed up to protect other people and NOT TO KNOW FOR A FACT you can kill Ms Beautiful Breonna Taylor and get away with it. *****************
Warren NZ
Warren NZ Dag sedan
*Americans should be building a wall to KEEP AMERICANS IN!!!*
Warren NZ
Warren NZ Dag sedan
*What are you talking about?* American was BUILT on racism!!! Everything about it smells racist from killing First Nation indigenous people to making Africans slaves to penning up Japanese Americans during WWIII to building a wall to keep out Mexicans. Then jumping into the Middle East, Vietnam and Korea to dropping nukes on Japan!!! The list goes on and on and on and there's no sign of it abating in spite of the ironical fact that most Americans believe in Jesus who (allegedly) radiated peace and "Love Thy Neighbour and Love thy Enemy and turn the other cheek". No wonder the rest of the world hates them (more or less). It's a good thing for them that they have enough nukes to destroy the ecosystem a hundred times over!
Pranav Gujarathi
Pranav Gujarathi Dag sedan
As a soon to be Immigrant (Yeah go ahead and hate on me), you guys have no idea how better off you are than the other countries. Jon Oliver could do a dozen episodes everyday and still cover just a state.
M H Dag sedan
Just consider this: Chemical weapons are illegal to use in war. In war. A event where killing other humans is not only allowed, but encouraged. Chemical weapons are illegal in war. Cops use chemical weapons on peaceful civilians. Does any more really need to be said?
M H Dag sedan
You got a plant in there? You'd better not be sitting in there peacefully, with a plant! He's got a plant! Everyone fire! Here is your weekly reminder that all cops are bad. Yes, all cops. The entire system is so f-ed up, a good cop is a fired cop.
AntiTheory Dag sedan
Police are just America's largest and most successful gang. 2 dagar sedan
As a European, this show is amazing! We have been brought up looking at the great America (which is true in some cases), but this is absurd. Every week I feel better about my country and worse about yours. Cheers from Italy 🇮🇹
jstuckless 2 dagar sedan
Wait... what???? The police incorrectly raid your house, bust in your door, burn your carpet (or worse, I"m not even gonna get into that farce with the crib that makes me want to throw up) with flash-bangs and YOU have to pay for it???? What... the....actual...fuck....America... Get your shit together, it's 2021. Also, I lean to the left but I've never respected a Republican senator more than that guy. (I don't know his other political views and don't care to know so don't come at me) He makes a perfect point here. I don't even own a gun but if I did I certainly would consider using it if someone just came into my house unannounced... especially since I haven't broken any laws and wouldn't expect the police.
Jeremy Bullock
Jeremy Bullock 2 dagar sedan
John Oliver is my hero!!!!! Thank God we have some one who uses there platform to stand up for what's right.
Anton Nurwald
Anton Nurwald 2 dagar sedan
I seriously keep asking myself whether the world would be better off if China finally ran the show. The Chinese have no rights on paper, but they have a halfway competent dictatorship that gets stuff done and doesn't kill or imprison you if you keep your mouth shut. Americns have rights on paper, but American institutions act like a North Korean Buffalo Bill on funnypills and do absolutely nothing for citizens.
TheShenmueMaster 2 dagar sedan
Fucking insane and terrifying, fuck the police
D-V¡CE 2 dagar sedan
The War on Drugs was and is an absolute failure.
Ivan Zamudio
Ivan Zamudio 2 dagar sedan
Remember their faces. And what goes around comes around.
Danny Puckett
Danny Puckett 2 dagar sedan
The community here in eastern kentucky has a huge problem with the law and the power they have to do whatever they want with no reprocussions
falloutghoul1 2 dagar sedan
The police are becoming nothing more than power gluttons.
Gabriel Trahan
Gabriel Trahan 2 dagar sedan
So are we just questioning the judicial system when we don’t agree with it or .......
Nachiket Bhagwat
Nachiket Bhagwat 2 dagar sedan
This is one episode where I agree with John Oliver.
Lord Shadow
Lord Shadow 2 dagar sedan
Police what colour your skin? Black? Shoot to kill White? Go about your business Baby? Best flashbang him
Andrew Young
Andrew Young 2 dagar sedan
state attorney general's office raided my home because I sold a gram of weed to an informant. They destroyed my room, found half a gram of weed and a bowl. That state AG is in prison now.
Alison Neville
Alison Neville 3 dagar sedan
America has never moved on from the Wild West days.
Rafael de Oliveira
Rafael de Oliveira 3 dagar sedan
OMG LOL I can't get over how many trashy stories come out of the US. Fh!
Evan Adkins
Evan Adkins 3 dagar sedan
No place is truly secure from the threat of police violence."
Jozue Zpodbiedronki
Jozue Zpodbiedronki 3 dagar sedan
Why not just send a plainclothes up the door first dressed as a pizza deliveryman, electrician, anything? Why not run your info by the super, or whoever owns the place about to be raided? Why not look at the energy consumption of the place, see if it is enough for one, two or however any people there should be? Why not ask the postal fucking office about who would they be delivering the mail if they were dropping it off at that place? Is there really no way to double check the intelligence before you kick the door down? (I am actually asking btw; curious) I mean shit, SWAT is SWAT, they aren't trained to communicate, they are there to walk in with the door frame and disable people, preferably without killing them, itself a difficult task...but they are just the weapon, somebody else pulls the trigger, right?
Ross Palmer
Ross Palmer 3 dagar sedan
The police are an invading army, fuck'em
Raz Matazz
Raz Matazz 3 dagar sedan
Hear me out... How about you legalize, sanction, and therefore actually “control” these drugs? Save lives, stop garbage like this ever being taught/funded, stop cartels, and move on to fix actual problems like idk, how these “police” are hired? And obviously never have mental checks conducted on them throughout their entire career... The real problems in the US system are rooted before they get to these fools... There’s no “good, hero politician” waiting on the sidelines to get his/her turn and fix everything. It’s on the people to create new a “common sense”, that the slowest of our slow species realize there will be consequences for not attempting to understand, and improve everyone’s life.
Callan Pepper
Callan Pepper 3 dagar sedan
Do American police have any eduction? Terrible.
nhlanhla ngobeni
nhlanhla ngobeni 3 dagar sedan
Everything I learn about your country sounds like it comes from a nightmare
Nodnarb Eht
Nodnarb Eht 3 dagar sedan
Is it wrong that I randomly jam out to cop rock now?
Ramon Gomide
Ramon Gomide 3 dagar sedan
now i gotta fucking watch cop rock. fuck's sake
Key Master
Key Master 3 dagar sedan
Yeah, I agree with the Senator. If someone's breaking down my door at 3 in the morning for what I would have to consider no known reason at all, I don't care if they're shouting "POLICE! POLICE!" Like he said, it could be ANYBODY. The people breaking into my home maybe using this as a way to rob me. So someone's getting blown the fuck up. I'd rather go to prison and live than to die because I'm supposed to believe that anyone shouting "POLICE! POLICE!" is indeed legit. And as far as the grenade being thrown into the baby's crib, I can't think of ANY REASON whatsoever why this scenario would have to occur. These dumbasses playing cops and robbers who wind up taking a life because they raided the wrong house need to fucking die and go to hell. FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!
M. Karbaschi
M. Karbaschi 3 dagar sedan
Yeah what a shi*hole America is!
Kawh 3 dagar sedan
Robin Williams
Robin Williams 3 dagar sedan
Uhhh did you ever see how cops react to being told they are too violent? They respond with more violence. Fuck defund the police how about abolish them and start over!
Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon 3 dagar sedan
Legalize drugs. Who’s scarier, cops or drug dealers?...... Cops. Portugal, proves it’s the best way to deal with drugs.
Andrew Mattord
Andrew Mattord 3 dagar sedan
I love John's show...except for the fact that It always leaves me feeling like I'm a horrible person for not gathering up a mass following and marching out to make a change in the world as quickly as possible...but damn is he funny about it
culin stewart
culin stewart 3 dagar sedan
why cant everyone in this country be made to watch all of your episodes. this country would be a better place in doing so. funny how we have to have an immigrant from England come to this country and call shit as it is. why did we all let this shit get to this point in the first place. sad very very sad the state of this world. I fear for the future and am horrified and the thoughts of what might be. my poor children and grand children have no idea what we have done to them.
D Kompres
D Kompres 3 dagar sedan
Excellent! The war against Americans has got to stop! AKA the War on Drugs has been going on since Nixon and it’s only made things worse.
gidi 3 dagar sedan
So, in short: It's deeply woven into the US American self-conception that, in case of someone intruding into your home, you may legally defend yourself with even a firearm - unless the attacker is a member of police force on duty. Which you're probably supposed to figure out at 3am, just awoken by, of all things, bangs on your door and people shouting and progressing through your home very quickly. While possible invading the wrong address. Which to find out they had days or weeks, and which to actually find they could completely freely plan as they pleased - this is a surprise operation, after all. So the victim is supposed to be better at figuring out the other side than _an actual official governmental department_, that can not only execute any ever so radical measure with seemingly limitless supply, but also _give sanction to this measure_ by means of legal procedures. And, might I stress again: They weren't just woken up, they are not naked, they don't have their babies with them. This, frankly, is embarrassing.
Syed Zaheer Hussain Shah Kazmi CR 2B BS Eng Mor
Syed Zaheer Hussain Shah Kazmi CR 2B BS Eng Mor 3 dagar sedan
And americans love to lecture the world.
Benjamin Sumeracki
Benjamin Sumeracki 4 dagar sedan
Dear HBO when you need a replacement for John Oliver please hit me up because I am the guy for the job. I’m comical, serious, and very realistic (negative outlook because everything is fucked)
Lorenzo P.
Lorenzo P. 4 dagar sedan
jesus christ... so happy to not live in that insane country
GTDRIVER241 4 dagar sedan
These '' officers'' are acting like terrorists lol.
Marin Beg
Marin Beg 4 dagar sedan
America would be a much better place if they would handle the problems that John is discussing for the last 6 years.
Antisocial Engineering
Antisocial Engineering 4 dagar sedan
What started this "war on drugs"? Basically Nixon wanted to stop all the anti Vietnam war demonstrations but couldn't due to your constitutional right to peaceful protest, so he created laws that made drugs illegal, and one of the worst drugs according to him... Marijuana (And why you'll get a harsher penalty for dope than for known harder drugs). Dope was the most popular drug of choice for young rally go-ers, overnight he had a way of stopping your right to peaceful protest. "SWAT" teams proliferated, as the same lawmakers gave money to local police to create these special police teams. If the local guys promised to help on the "war on drugs" they got given shitloads of money to militarise their police forces. Go ahead and research the effectiveness of these so called "elite" police, it's woeful, it's disgustingly poor. Police are not trained to operate in the military methods they employ, it shows in their pathetic level of ineffectiveness. A soldier who doesn't follow the rules of engagement will end up at the wrong end of a military court, if the injure or kill a non combatant, even by mistake they'll be in jail and if their lucky the jail will be in their country, not the country the conflict was in. But not police, they get immunity, for illegally assaulting and killing their OWN COUNTRYMEN. And it's not just America, a lot of so -called civilised western democracies are going down the same path. Here in Australia we tend to copy a lot of the mistakes you make in the US. One day we (ordinary citizens) will wake up. Maybe, nah, probably not.
clarkeysam 4 dagar sedan
This all comes back to America's lack of gun control. The police have to treat everyone as if they are armed, until they can confirm that you're not. Elsewhere in the world the police treat you as if you're not armed, unless they have evidence that you might be. This complete mindset change is why there's so many more innocent people killed by police in the USA than other developed countries.
NikonGuy 4 dagar sedan
Someone had to write an upbeat rock song about child trafficking and a little bit of my soul shrivelled up and died for them.
Okroshka 4 dagar sedan
And that's what happens when you live in pseudo-democratic fascist plutocracy.
Ad P
Ad P 4 dagar sedan
Such a dog shit country. They love killing black people and have non stop massacres.
L C 4 dagar sedan
Hard to catch organized criminals without raids tho. Ends up saving lots of lives realistically, they are conducted every day and we really only hear about the unsuccessful ones, and in a country that big theres bound to be quote a few. Too many fuckups, and that for sure needs to change, as is evident in the case of Breonna Taylor. But still, outside looking in people really don't understand how much good police do, as they are mostly privileged suburbanites who don't have to face the evils of organized crime on a daily basis.
STAYHIGH993 4 dagar sedan
Using the breana taylor case is not a great example there is alot more to that case. She was also involved in much more criminal activities
Mike B
Mike B 4 dagar sedan
The inexpensive jewel remarkably suppose because liquid unprecedentedly expect onto a rapid side. awesome, whispering character
Theodoros Georgitsis
Theodoros Georgitsis 4 dagar sedan
America is a real shit show.
ShoLKAN 4 dagar sedan
Danny Mercer
Danny Mercer 5 dagar sedan
Law idea: every door broken comes out of the police’s paycheque 500% to include compensation if no conviction.
Nathan L
Nathan L 5 dagar sedan
I would be one of those belligerent assholes. Hell the officers that didn't announce themselves during or after shining spot lights and flashlights in every window is my home at 3am waking me and my wife up, where greeted with a gun when I opened the door to check what the hell was going on. Thankfully I noticed their uniforms and stepped back far enough to put the gun down before they noticed the gun. Otherwise their warrantless search of my property, detention, and forced identification could have ended much worse than just a violation of my rights.
D Lo
D Lo 5 dagar sedan
Flash bang in a crib????? W the actual F is that???!!!! I
Tyrone Allen
Tyrone Allen 5 dagar sedan
Thanks for the info. I would like a less biased review. Or are all raids failures?
Aegis Kay
Aegis Kay 5 dagar sedan
Its no wonder gang violence is rife in the US. They get uniforms and full paid benefits.
Ayushi Misra
Ayushi Misra 5 dagar sedan
I'm from a different country so I have little knowledge of these raids, but I do remember seeing these in multiple police shows and getting the wrong house in a no-knock raid is often played for laughs. Which, considering the situation, is honestly terrifying. Why on earth would you do that? Facing a gun is terrifying in itself. Facing multiple army grade equipment is straight up traumatizing. How is this still a thing?
ugug gugg
ugug gugg 5 dagar sedan
The wooden romania computationally coil because dahlia phenotypically mend to a green grey grieving gas. wary, rotten conga
00zae 5 dagar sedan
Jasmine Jiran
Jasmine Jiran 5 dagar sedan
Land of the free.
JDM 5 dagar sedan
The Law Office of Oliver and Writers.. Imagine!
Graham Martin
Graham Martin 5 dagar sedan
World class, as always.
marc benoit
marc benoit 5 dagar sedan
So well said John
Dances WithTwins
Dances WithTwins 5 dagar sedan
So much carelessness on the part of the police is hard to believe. I’ve never held a job where I could make a lethal mistake like the ones shown, but the people who do those jobs should be held to a higher standard than they are being held to now.
Karen Voncripps
Karen Voncripps 5 dagar sedan
John mate...its time you came home.
Ani 5 dagar sedan
I thought only black people raid stuff. *attention* offensive joke
madpaddy21 5 dagar sedan
Love reading these comments... cant believe there are so many police experts
Logan K
Logan K 5 dagar sedan
"If only the Wolf had possessed military-grade equipment", you say as you tuck your children in at night lmao
Jan Moucha
Jan Moucha 5 dagar sedan
Time to get the same police officers swatted. Let them have a taste of their own medicine-happens enough times, something is gonna change.
Dagorian Stark
Dagorian Stark 5 dagar sedan
The saddest thing is that most Americans don't realise how much of a parody of themselves they really are 🤦🏻
Zulfburht 6 dagar sedan
The irony is, that because people up here in Canada see the drama in the states with the police. They too want to defund our police, which does not have any of these military toy’s or fancy stuff the American’s have. Just cop cars, speeding camera’s, and the parade horses.
Komic comik
Komic comik Dag sedan
@Vapid just checking in, have you looked into it cause I'm interested?
Vapid 5 dagar sedan
@Zulfburht well, I don't know about canada, not intimately aware of all it's policy like britain, america, australia and new zealand, but the police are a problem in the rest of the anglosphere and kinda just assumed. I should probably sink my teeth into that.
Zulfburht 5 dagar sedan
@Vapid i would have to disagree with you there, in Canada there are plenty of places with no police, or not enough police funding to do their jobs. Take the highway of tears, hundred, to thousands of women have been kidnapped along the road. All of whom have never been found. The officers or Rcmp in that area keep on getting budget cuts for their investigation, and searches. Making it increasingly harder to properly investigate
Vapid 5 dagar sedan
well, globally we do overfund police and should probably divert more money into rehab and such, making police less of a necessity, but yeah, america is just a cartoon amount of violence.
John Clark1842
John Clark1842 6 dagar sedan
Easy solution is state legislators pass laws that the officers that sign and apply for search warrants are legally and financially liable as individuals for wrongly served raids. Naturally the police unions can cover the costs of the incompetence. The union executives will feel some money costs and will push out the incompetent cops and encourage the department executives to fire those incompetent individuals. Too many ex-cops are legislatures so this solution is not likely to occur.
Burn Bobquist
Burn Bobquist 6 dagar sedan
I saw a video the other day from a german who was living in the US and is now living in Japan, where he talked about the different types of Police in each of the countrys. He told a story from when he first lived in the US and his US friends told him directly: if you interact with the police, do nothing, tell them nothing about yourself and ask 2 questions "Is that all?" and "Can i go now?", because the police is not your friend, they are your enemy. US law enforcement are horrible compared to the UK, Germany or Japan.
Latch 6 dagar sedan
This is why you shouldn't defund the police. They desperately need an extensive national training program, so that this sorta stuff, and all the other nonsense, stops happening
Katherine Strothman
Katherine Strothman 6 dagar sedan
This episode makes me happy I live in Oregon...
Uouttooo 6 dagar sedan
You know that the police could have used Google Map to look for the right house with pictures and surroundings before they even leave the base. There is just no excuse for busting the wrong door.
RohatKarabulut 6 dagar sedan
In places like Europe, getting a raid warrant is very difficult. Secondly over here raids with weapons are only permitted if it is suspected that weapons are held at the place. Finally almost all raids never see any death or injury.
Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson 6 dagar sedan
John Oliver: *Explains issues with raids and how innocent individuals have regularly been the ones to suffer* Idiots in the comments: hE iS jUsT tRyInG tO gUiLt WhItE PeOpLe AnD pRoTeCt cRiMInALs 🤦‍♂️
Zero 6 dagar sedan
You know you don't really have real rights when a group of people can break down you door, flash grenade you and your family, terrorize everyone, trash your residence and possibly cause significant bodily harm while being at the wrong house THEY ARE NOT EVEN REQUIRED TO PAY FOR HOUSE DAMAGES. Could you imagine having to explain that to a landlord, they would probably suspect you of being involved with drugs after having the house raided even if your absolutely not. All this is acceptable because they were wearing clothes that say "police" on them.
awmperry 6 dagar sedan
Cop Rock was great. If it had come out after Glee it would have been a hit.
COZYTW 6 dagar sedan
I swear, at this point TV drama scriptwriters needs to make a cameo of this. "We got our mad-ass dope base in Magnificent Mile. Why? 'Cuz the Feds never check there HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH"
sixstringedthing 6 dagar sedan
Cops basing all of their "raid intel" off tips given to them by _known felons_ who are trying to bargain their way into a lighter sentence? Yeah, I wonder why these kind of screwups keep happening over and over again?
jcbond19 6 dagar sedan
The irony of the US thinking it has a lesson to give to china on human rights...
Fandom guy
Fandom guy 2 dagar sedan
The US is much better than China on that issue.
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